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Godwin's performing arts career started in 2009 with the Youth Accosted With Arts program (YAWA) in Kisumu, Kenya.

He underwent a series of intensive courses, seminars and trainings by (YAWA), Dance Into Space (DIS), Godown Arts Centre, Kenya Performing arts Group, Amizero compagnie, Danceteam International, Sarakasi Trust and Ecole de Sables.

In 2012 He was part of  ’Umoja Flying Carpet‘ with countries from East Africa, Norway, Netherlands and southern Africa.

He has performed in Kenya, Netherlands, Germany, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Finland.

In 2017 he visited Finland for a project with Danceteam International franchise and returned in 2018.

He has kept and keeps weekly classes at Bongos studios, Etnofitness, Hurja Piruetti, Dancest Studios and Viba studios.

He has performed for top Finnish artists such as Antti Tuisku, JVG, Karita Matila, Sexmane, Isac Eliot and Isaac Sene.

He has worked with several renowned Choreographers such as Tero Saarinen, Reija Ware, Alpo Aaltokoski, Antton Laine, Corneliu Ganea , Wesley Ruzibiza, David Kozma, Anna Bussey, Hosea Dan and many more.

He has perfomed for Ooppera Baletti, Tanssin Talo, Tampere Talo, Danceteam International, YAWA dance company, Sarakasi Kenya, Danceteam Africa, Het Internationaal Danstheater , Amizero Compagnie, Post Theatre, Alpo Aaltokoski Company and many more.

Godwin has been part of various festivals and productions in Eastern Africa  and beyond such as EANT, Time 2 Dance,  Bayimba Festival, Sawa Sawa Festival, Urban Apa Festival , likkuu Likkuu Tanssi Festivali, Tanssin Talo gaala, UMK2022, Bailantai, Tähdet tähdet, Lumikuningatar, Emma Gaala and more to come.

Godwin continues to research and define his artistry through his experiences and projects.

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